About Randy

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I’m a full-stack developer with over 20 years of career experience as a manager and technical lead.  I have championed and managed the implementation of projects and departmental policies, including: legacy software migrations, coding standards, source control standards and practices, data security policies, web services design, and database design. I frequently advise senior management regarding software purchases, business policies and procedures, and departmental objectives.

As a self-directed learner, I’m always eager to dive in and quickly get up to speed on new tools and technologies, while keeping a practical eye toward moving projects forward.  I blend an analytical perspective with a knack for creative problem solving, guided by the Japanese principal of Kaizen – continuous gradual improvement.

My goal as a developer is to have a positive impact on society – either directly through the work that I produce or by working with organizations that have a strong social outreach. I love working in highly creative fields like media and the arts, and taking on new challenges with an understanding that creative solutions are worth the effort.