[Originally written 03/05/2013]

Today I received a LinkedIn invitation from some Brokerage Services Manager I’ve never heard of from some company likewise, and a Russian bride solicitation from someone calling herself the “impassioned panther Swetlana”. I think I trust Swetlana to be more honest about what she wants out of the relationship…

The Forge of Amerca

[Originally written 11/06/2013]

Just a thought…

America is a nation born of and defined by revolution. The war for independence; the civil war and freeing of the slaves; women’s rights; civil rights; marriage equality… These shape us. This does not mean that we are always the most progressive nation. In fact, our insistence on democracy, and the integrity of the individual, guarantees that we must struggle for the best in ourselves. The important things are won by struggle, and valued above all else because of the hard fought victories. Because we fight for what matters most. And we cannot be a great nation – at least not one that upholds the ideals it was founded upon – without that struggle.

It means the America we value will never be free of struggle. We have been described as a melting pot, but in truth we are more like a forge. We take raw material and we purify with fire and with muscle and with temperance. But it is hard work. And there is much impurity in the raw material, so we must return to the forge again and again, ever purging and shaping into something better.


Nothing is original, if by that you mean ‘without reference’. Even if you managed to create something wholly out of your own head, you are sum of everything that has come before. Everything is built on the foundation of your experience.


Everything is original, if by that you mean ‘never before’. Even if you act with intention to duplicate an image, no one has captured exactly this light in this place at this time – and no one ever will again. Everything is uniquely new in the ever-present now.