Distrito De la Libertad

This cocktail is inspired by the Tegroni and the Distrito Federal, which are tequila based versions of the Negroni and the Manhattan, respectively. It’s also inspired by the three bottles of booze I purchased recently which sat on my counter, challenging me!

The drink uses Jose Quervo Resposado Tradictional to mellow the heat of a blanco tequila, but give a little more punch like a rye, rather than a bourbon. It blends with Vigo Amaro from Philadelphia Distilling; this local amaro gives us the “Liberty” in “De la Libertad”, and takes the place of the herbal notes from the vermouth in a Manhattan, or the bitter herbal punch of Campari in a traditional Negroni. Vigo Amaro is not quite as potent as Campari is, and is likely to be more palatable to amaro newcomers. Then the mix is finished off with a splash of DiSaronno. The combination of liquors is both a nod to the long history of Italian immigrants in Philly, and the many restaurants that inspires, as well as the large Mexican and South American immigrant population that is the back-bone of restaurants all across America today.

  • 2 oz Jose Quervo Respsado Tradicional
  • 1 oz Vigo Amaro
  • A bar spoon worth of Di-Saronno
  • Finish with a good quality cherry in syrup, like Luxardo or Amarena